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Tricks for having a smashing Halloween office party

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Think about it, adults really enjoy Halloween just as much as kids do whether they'll admit it or not. Maybe we're not into slipping into a lavish costume, but there's something about Halloween that brings out the kid in us -- at least a little bit. We remember going Trick or Treating house to house to claim our bountiful booty. Sometimes we were armed with just a pillow case to hold our goodies. While we might not go out trick or treating these days, a simple Halloween party get together at the office might just do. Here's some ideas for planning a simple drop by Halloween party at the office.

 1) Turn the office lunch room into a Halloween hide out

Get some orange plastic table cloths. Arrange the tables so that your coworkers can drop by to pick up some snacks. Place some spooky light up Halloween candles with spiders or spiderwebs on them. Tape some of those oversized plastic spiders on the candles for a creepy affect.

2) Create a fun reason to stop by the party

Everyone loves free stuff. Original and unusual cups like light up skull and crossbones cups for your beverages are a perfect takeaway from the party. If your office is a bit more trendy, then maybe skull shaped mugs would work for creepy mock-tails. Your coworkers will be thrilled to take their cups home and show them to their friends and family. Plus, they can use them again when they get home.

3) Hand out Halloween necklaces

To get your coworkers in the Halloween spirit, hand out fun Halloween themed necklaces. Easy to slip on and wear, most people don't mind even a kid friendly spooky character. Again, they'll think they are pretty cool.

4) Have a simple guessing game contest

To engage your partygoers, have a guess how many in the jar contest. Since it is Halloween, fill your clear see-through jar with candy corn or candy pumpkins. Perhaps the grand prize could be a giant bag of candy that could be used at their own home that evening for Trick or Treaters. Make sure to pick candy that you like yourself, because that candy might end up in a candy bowl on your coworkers desk!

Halloween is a fun innocent time when you can get together with your office mates for a little while and have a snack, relax, and try like heck to guess how many candies really are in that jar. Then it's up to you with whom you share your booty.


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