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Urban Destinations for Unforgettable Nightlife Experiences

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Tourists who want to experience the thrilling nightlife experiences in different parts of the world should check out our top urban hubs in each major part of the world; Europe, the United States, Australia, South America, Asia, and the Middle East.  This article can serve as a guide to fun-loving individuals.


EUROPE: Go to Berlin (Germany)


Historic Berlin is well-known for unique attraction and nightspots. The city is speckled with bars which are among the best worldwide. These taverns are also energized by the unorthodox youthful way of life. Renowned German beers are varied, some very sugary and smooth with a bit of tartness. Grab a ‘Stein with delicious German sausages or cold cut at a place like Brauhaus Lemke.

Aside from the outlandish clubs, many bars and outdoor drinking areas operate 24 hours. More conservative owners open at 9 pm until 3 am. Prater Garten famous for its house brews is the oldest beer joint in Berlin. It opened in 1837 and survived two World Wars. You can find it at the Prenzlauer Berg District. The al fresco area can accommodate at least 100 customers.

District Mitte used to be the coolest place in town but became more commercialized nowadays. Meanwhile, Freidrichshain remains as one of the most alternative localities in the city. Altogether, German pubs don’t get jam-packed until 10 in the evening. Happy hours are all early if you want to take advantage. For dancing and lightshow effects, you can’t go wrong with the KitKat Club.  


USA: Head to New York City (NY)


Take pleasure in clubbing and dancing at New York City. NYC is where lounge bars and DJs thrive. Nightlife in The Big Apple started with the Danceteria, a fashionable four-floor club which opened its doors in 1979 until 1995. It had seven locations. Three of these were in NYC and four at the Hampton District.

The city’s club scene has evolved extensively. All of a sudden after-hour parties became popular especially in Bushwick, a working class district in Brooklyn (northern part of NYC). One way or another it is quite difficult to choose dance clubs and places to chill. So, you may like to try the likes of The Marquee for lounging or partying or just enjoying a cool vibe. Another favorite of party-goers is The Good Room in Brooklyn which used to be the home of Club Europa. It boasts of a wide dance floor, excellent sound system, and a small platform for performances. They disco-lighted dance floor makes for some excellent dancing effects.


SOUTH AMERICA: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

 GaleriaCafe interior

Brazil is awesome. People who love to whoop it up will come across premier nightspots, cocktail bars, and beach clubs in Rio de Janeiro. You’ll find Rio and nightlife parties are one in the same with fellow clubbers bringing the get-up-and-go atmosphere and exhilaration before 11 pm and continue until the hours of the morning. Find your way to the Fosfobox, if gritty industrial ambience with rock and techno sounds is your jam.  When visual electronic lighting and a fun lighter mix is your thing, the Galeria Cafe will not disappoint you.


AUSTRALIA: Head to Melbourne (VIC)


The late night culture in this urban center is flourishing unlike in previous years. Melbourne is a sleepless metropolis where its after-hours character has changed a great deal. Fine dining restaurants are still open at 1 am. On the other hand, dancing and gigs go on till four in the morning. Folks can catch public transportation on their way home during weekends. There’s a lot to relish whether having late dinner, watching movies or enjoying cocktails with peers.

Guys and gals fond of fine dining can try 1806. The club is known for its extensive beverage list, with some brewed by Cavalier Brewery, and other superb dishes and cheeseboards. For a sensational dance and lightshow experience, look up Therapy Nightclub in Southbank. 


ASIA: Head to Singapore


In Singapore, there’s a variety of entertainment after the sunset whether you simply want to drink, relax or sing along with local bands. The City-State is not only a business district but bustling complex of nightclubs and taverns at night. Corporate executives as well as students flock to Orchard Road to feel the nightlife of the Lion City.

Head to Skypark’s sky deck and pool or check out the Club Lounge’s dance floor. For food and relaxing, experience the 1925. It is one of the most visited microbreweries and always an instant hit among local residents. To dance the night away, you are going to want to step into the Zouk Club for the best EDM night around.


MIDDLE EAST: Head to Dubai (UAE)


Dubai is a Muslim nation. Yet, it offers a bubbly nightlife for tourists. The UAE takes pride in after office hour’s entertainment. In fact, the Emirate hosts well-known celebrity entertainers and DJs globally such as the likes of Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Nicky Minaj, and David Guetta. You can see plenty of nightclubs and bars in Dubai although most of these outlets are in hotels. Patrons vary and consists of party persons from both Western and Eastern countries.

Laws can be very stringent. Legal drinking remains at 21 years old. Clubs are mandated to obey this rule. For expats, acceptable form of identification to drink will be your passport. Nightclubs get filled at 11 pm. All bars and clubs close at 3 am. Some of the well-liked outlets for dancing will be the VIP Room, White Dubai, and for beach loungers, the Blue Marlin Ibiza. There is a regular ladies night on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Ladies can come in free of charge and are often served free food and drinks.


Experience these destinations and more worldwide as you venture out to experience night life and culture around the world. You may want to stock up on some fun light-up jewelry or flashing apparel to add to the experience and energized time you will be having. Happy travels.

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