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Utilizing New lighting trends & techniques for a wedding to remember

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Weddings are the most important milestones in most people lives. It symbolizes commitment and love to the person you want to spend the rest of your life. Since weddings are special occasions, planning is essential so that every part of the event is given importance. It must be beautiful yet simple and within the couple’s budget. In planning for the big event, wedding lighting ideas are often forgotten or neglected; however, lighting makes one of the greatest contributions in the affair. Lighting makes everything in the venue look better, from your wedding cake to your guests.

 Importance of wedding lights

Wedding dance

A vital role is played by your wedding reception lighting in creating the proper aura of a wedding event. Whether the rite is held indoor or outdoor, the appearance of the ceremony venue and its décor are greatly enhanced in the designs and effects.

As a strong stylistic force, lighting is like a melody whose tempo sways the mood and supplies the energy of a dancing crowd. It governs the ambiance of the ongoing affair. Illumination and decoration of the venue are supplementing each other. Lighting is a powerful tool in making arrangements come to life for it provides the aesthetic breathe in the environment.

Here are new trends and techniques for lighting/decorating your wedding

  • Up Lighting - Up lighting is used to light-up and illuminate specific elements as well as heighten the beauty of the entire room. Beams of lights are focused on the bride and groom as protagonists of the events. The overall color palette of the wedding is well-coordinated with the lighting as it transforms any plain venue into a fairy-like hall. Use softer and warmer light to paint a romantic mood for the first dance of the newly-weds; while using brighter and kaleidoscopic tones for the gay entourage to dance on the floor. With the use of up lighting, you can separate the dinner area of the reception from the dance floor by simply using different color washes.
  • Gobo Lighting - Event planners have been using gobo as wedding reception lighting for quite a while. Gobo stencils slide over a light source in order to project an image on a surface. Gobos are best in projecting dates, monograms and other wedding-themed designs & patterns. They are the easiest ways to add personal touches to the lighting wedding effects. You can project monogram of the bride and groom’s initials up the starry night sky on the ceiling for the visitors to see the couple’s name. Use gobo lighting in various classy and tasteful ways making your wedding an enjoyable affair.
  • Pinspot Lighting - Every bride’s dream of making a stunning entrance into her wedding reception comes true with pinspot lighting. Hit the right pot to arrange the best lighting and make the centerpiece pop. It is designed to shine tiny amounts of light beams into a perfectly lighted core in every arrangement. Use pinspot to emphasize lots of objects in the wedding. Show the stunning buffet arrangement, attractive & yummy cakes, uniquely-arranged centerpieces, exquisite floral arrangements, or anything that looks great for the occasion. Your centerpiece will be the focus of all eyes due to its dramatic effect and surely the perfect photo shot for this occasion.
  • Washing lighting - Known as a fill, “wash" is a general light and color fill that is evenly spread across the stage using lighting fixtures and colored lighting gels. For use as wedding lightings ideas, it is important that a wash has several fixtures in steady positions. The amount of light is evenly spread over the stage and guarantees an even amount of brightness and coverage. It is better for all lights to hang on the same bar for each light to be evenly focused. Wash walls & ceilings in the color of your choice will create a magical ambiance for your wedding
  • Led lighting - For your utmost and gorgeous wedding lights, use led. LED wedding lights are little lights that can be used anywhere including underwater. Entirely waterproof, they can be placed in water filled vases. Simply twist it on and off and you are ready to go. Batteries are included and will last approximately 12-16 hours. You don’t need to spent huge amounts for an attractive and awesome wedding centerpiece; use LEDs to light up your décor. They are ideal to use in your wedding decorations. Try making them as floral lights and you will be amazed and thrilled.
  • String lights or bistro lights - You can use as many string lights to create a bistro light. This is ideal to light up an outdoor wedding reception. You can use as many strands as you’d like to create the perfect setting. Strands can help form an effect just like a canopy to cover over varied places of the affair. It is used as covering for the dance area and over dinner tables. Or a few strands can be gathered to cast a romantic glow over the reception.  LED wedding lights are often used as this type of lights. They are a great DIY option and are very affordable.
  • Classic lighting technique - For that classic touch, candles are the best to illuminate a path or light up each table.  The versatility of candles is well-known to emphasize any part of your indoor or outdoor wedding reception. Light up the pathway with its fantastic and dreamlike glow as you move down the aisle. Use tea candles also serve as a dramatic light source for outdoor pathways and gardens. Transform mason jars or glass bowls with tea candles into decors for classic looks. They are hanging from tree branches to provide sophisticated aura. There are multitudes of possibilities using candles and they are another great DIY option for the cost-conscious bride.

Wedding lighting ideas, whether professional or DIY, can affect the entire mood of your special day.  Remember what kind of tone you want for each section of your wedding so you can use the appropriate lighting and color scheme to match.   When in doubt, utilize soft, dimmed lighting as it flatters all skin types for all occasions. For fun, try experimenting with different types of lighting and seeing what combinations of colors and light sources you are comfortable with. To find a broad range of LED lights to enhance your reception, wedding or other event, check out our range of wedding themed products in our store.

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