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Wedding Reception Ideas that will Go a Long Way

Posted by Luke Bowen on

There are five key things that need to be included in any party or wedding reception and all involve refreshments and entertainment. Without the refreshments and entertainment aspects, rest assured, your guests won’t likely stick around for very long. And who can blame them. Sustenance and fun are what we crave. So here is the quick and dirty list.
  • More Music, Mr DJ.

  • If you want folks to relax, be social and enjoy themselves, better have Pandora, Spotify or a fully-loaded iTunes account ready to go for keeping things likely. People like talking and feeling out others musical tastes. Start the conversation for them by having a nice selection of beats, tool tunes, anthems, and other danceable tracks on hand. If you have limited access to tunes, start with a Pandora account. Pandora now sells short and long term ad-free plans and offers free first week listening for new accounts.
  • Cool Lighting, Man!

  • Cool lighting reminds people where they are, what is taking place and can draw attention to a dance floor or activity that people can enjoy. Skimping on the lighting would only have a downside. Plus, there is tons or cool strobes and fixtures to really make a place pop that are really at an affordable rate. If you don’t want to get lighting apparatuses then opt for getting a few cool bulbs to pop into the ceiling lights.
  • Trippy Cutlery and Psychedelic Flatware Sets

  • LED flatware

    Food can be elaborate with a full spread or very simple like a few fresh desserts from your favorite bakery, some cut up fruit, or some basic cheese and cracker platters. But if the cutlery and flatware looks impressive, the guests are more likely to partake and stay longer. So get something with a little flash like some glowing flatware.

  • Drinks, Please!

  • Flashing Glasses

    If you don’t consider the beverages and how to serve them, then expect everyone to head out after a few minutes. Start this plan by first getting a headcount of RSVP’d guest and an extra few headcounts for crashers or those that might come. Expect everyone there are going to polish a drink every 30 minutes. So do the math on how long you plan to keep the party going and you should have the cap on how many drink servings you will need. Now go buy in bulk. A punch bowl can add some creativity as can light up glasses.
  • Get ready for your closeup with a photo-taking station and bucket!

  • These are quite the crazes for getting people to interact with each other. Since everyone has a camera built directly into their phone device in their pocket, setting up a photo station area with a some large posters, mannequins or maybe even an actual booth accompanied with sunglasses, costumes and wig accessories are going to be a real hit for those that love playing 'theater' or are always socially connecting to Instagram with their activities.
Check all the boxes and your big and exciting day or big bash your are throwing will be a memory to last a lifetime.

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