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You did it! Tips for celebrating the graduate

Posted by Mark Cohen on

It's that time of year again - the end of the school year. Almost everyone knows a family member or friend that is about to graduate. Whether it is moving from grade school to middle school, high school to college or from college to the working world, every graduate, no matter what their age, deserves to be congratulated and celebrated. There are lots of graduation items to help celebrate. Here's a few tips on how to make your graduate feel special at any age.

  • For the youngsters
    Even little kids feel a sense of accomplishment when they move up grades in school. There might not be a formal ceremony for this, but youngsters still need to be recognized that they really did a good job. A hand full of balloons and a trip to the ice cream parlor is enough for them to feel special. Something appropriate for their age might be a Graduation Magic Spinning Smiley Face Wand.
  • For the high school graduate
    Graduating from high school is a big deal and should be celebrated. For some, school is a struggle; for others, it's a breeze. No matter. Each and every graduate should be greatly celebrated. This move from being a youngster to a young adult is a huge accomplishment, and this individual should be congratulated that, yes indeed, "They did it!"
  • For the college or trade school graduate
    Graduation from college or a trade school is bit different than from grade school or high school. Whereas previous education in mandated, when you are graduating from a hand selected institution you have personally invested in yourself. You have elected to go to school and better yourself. You have shown determination. Nothing needs more celebration of this achievement. This event is a life changer for most. Celebrate with recognizing this accomplishment with a party and a toast. At college commencements, the graduate will walk in graduation ceremonies. A fun graduation "#1 Grad" pin or a lighted picture badge with a photo of the graduate both as a child and as an adult to wear are ways to memorialize the day.

So no matter what the age, each person feels a sense of accomplishment. Whether getting to graduation was an easily accomplished task or a personal endeavor to complete, it is a culmination of personal resolution to get to the end. You made it!


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