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Flashing LED Candles

Are you looking for the ambiance and mood lighting of candles in the quiet of your home or patio area without the concern or mess of wax and open flames? Then we have the perfect solution. We have a wide selection of playful to subtle battery powered candles that are safe and won't burn your drapes or drip wax on your carpet. These heat-free flameless candles use battery operated LED lights to flicker and softly glow as though they are the real thing. Check out our assortment of  re-usable, flameless candles, from tea lights to pillar candles to votives to even floating or submersibles LED lights that make for great centerpieces and party arrangements. Choose from the soft flame-like color options to a color option that is more neon and radical. You can even find one that can work out well as a night light for a bathroom or child's bedroom down the hall. Some work well for church services and candle light vigils. Make any room in your home a comfortable, homey atmosphere with battery operated candles that provide ideal, decorative mood lighting and ambiance to outdoor spaces, wedding decor or romantic dinners.