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22 Inch Glow Necklaces

22 Inch Glow Necklaces

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Glow Necklaces have remained one of the hottest products on the light-up market for years and they're still going strong! Glow Necklaces contain a non-toxic, glow-in-the-dark chemical that illuminates once activated. To activate, simply bend the necklace until you hear it crack. This will release the chemical from within the glow necklace and it will immediately start to GLOW! They will last approximately 6 - 8 hours once activated. To attach, connect each end to one another using one of the clear connectors included with each set. One 22 inch necklace fits most. These can be used for Parties, Favors, Raves, and so much more!

Length: 22.0 in. , 55.9 cm.
Width: 0.2 in. , 0.5 cm.

Batteries: Batteries are not required for this product.

Weight: 0.06 LB

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