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8" Deco Cube, Color Change LEDs & Battery Operated

  • $49.58

Our 8" Deco Cube, Color Change LEDs & Battery Operated is the greatest futuristic party prop! Turn an ordinary room into a futuristic party with one push of a button. They look amazing for space-agey lighted room. The 8" square Deco Cube is the perfect size for all occasions. You can use them for props, table top décor, or as a nifty way to display drinks & appetizers.

To activate, hold the On/Off Button on the bottom of the cube light. When it turns on the 1st function is a very slow & hypnotic color change function, then click the button for 7 solid light functions + 1 blinky color change that scrolls through every color. Hold the button to turn it off as well.  LED Colors: Red, Blue, Green (Mix to create a multicolor effect) LED Functions: Slow color change, still red, still green, still blue, still yellow, still white, still pink, still purple, or color change.

The 8" Deco Cube comes with 3 AA batteries.

SKU: FBL-12179