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Assorted Glowing Mouse Ear Headbands

Assorted Glowing Mouse Ear Headbands

  • $8.99

Wholesale 12-packs of Glow Ear Headbands are the perfect glow accessories for those who like to party harty. From raves & clubs, to theme parks, concerts & music festivals, Glow Ears are impressive & inexpensive when dressing up large crowds. Bonus: Glow Ear Headbands are lightweight & totally comfortable.

To activate your Glow Ears, crack the tubes & assemble them into the plastic connectors. Instructions included. One size fits most - stretchy plastic headband.

NOTE: When you order 1 piece, you are ordering a wholesale box full of 12 Headbands. Therefore, when you order 12 pieces, you are actually getting 144 headbands to assemble!

Glow Colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow

Though it goes without saying, Glow Ear Headbands do not require batteries.

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