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Black LED Fidget Hand Spinner

  • $9.99

Our black, compact hand spinner toy is the latest & greatest stress-reducing, hand-held gadget that simultaneously creates a light show. Nine bright LED's create a mesmerizing motion blur of red, green and blue when this fidget spinner spins.

Other unique facts about these fidget spinners - 

  • Can be spun easily depending on finger strength up to 2 minutes
  • Been know to reduce stress, anxiety and nervous energy for ADD & ADHD sufferers, and helps fidgety folks relax
  • May curb or replace undesirable habits like smoking, nail biting, pen chewing and help to refocuses attention
  • Spins quietly
  • Compact enough to travel easily wherever you go
  • Adults and kids alike enjoy the calming effect of this sleek, battery-powered finger spinner toy which fits comfortably in most hands
  • Portable and light-weight

Start spinning today and see what the craze is about!

Also available in White!

Note: This product may be personalized with a name or a business logo. Ask us about personalization for this item!