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Blinking Rings, Soft Assorted Styles

Blinking Rings, Soft Assorted Styles

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Soft Assorted Blinking Rings are a blast at parties & events! LED Soft Rings are made of a safe jelly-like material that fits all ages, all genders & different size fingers. This multicolor assortment is perfect when you want to mix it up at holiday parades & birthday parties.

To activate your LED Soft Ring, squeeze it from top to bottom, and do the same to power off. One size fits all, band is very stretchy.

Height: varies between 1.6 in. & 2.1 in.
Width: roughly 1.25 in.

Assorted Colors: Clear, Red, Pink, Purple, Orange, Blue & Green

Assorted Shapes: Spikes, Bubbles, Pom Poms, Roses & Hearts 

Soft Assorted Flashing Rings come ready to use with batteries. Sorry batteries not replaceable, rings sealed for safety.

SKU: FBL_10307_blinking_rings_asst