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Blue Fashion LED Bracelets

Blue Fashion LED Bracelets

  • $2.36

Blue Fashion LED Bracelets are the hottest LED bracelets for all occasions! They are bright, super stylish and everyone wants one. Be the brightest and the flashiest when you wear a Fashion LED Bracelet.

Instructions: To activate the fashion bracelets simply press firmly on the button located on the inside of the bracelet's battery housing. Set the bracelet on a quick flash, a slower flash or a steady light by pushing the button. To wear pull out the side of the bracelet that is connected to the battery housing. Then wrap around you wrist and slide piece back to secure the bracelet.

Diameter: 2.25 in, 5.71 cm

Bracelet Colors: Blue

LED Colors: Blue

Batteries: Includes 3 AG3 Batteries.

Weight: 0.07 LB

SKU: 1897