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Blue Glow Light Pens

Blue Glow Light Pens

  • $1.99

Blue Glow Light Pens are nothing short of stupendous! These pens write anywhere, even in the dark! The top half of the pen is a beautiful blue, the bottom half is clear plastic. The clear bottom half allows the Blue LED Light to illuminate your writing surface. This pen is what you need in all emergency kits, purses and glove boxes! Glow pens also make wonderful camping pens, gifts and add pizzazz to your desk. Blue Glow Light Pens have many uses, find the best for you!

Height: 5.25 in. , 13.33 cm.
Width: 0.43 in. , 1.10 cm.

LED Colors: 1 Blue

Ink Color: Black

Batteries: Batteries for these items are NOT Replaceable.

Weight: 0.04 LB

SKU: 2430