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Butterfly Sunglasses

Butterfly Sunglasses

  • $4.91

Have a modern masquerade, wear Butterfly Sunglasses! These beautiful sunglasses come in a 12 pack of 3 frame colors. These grand glasses will get your noticed day and night. They are perfect party favors or costume accents!

Each pair of Butterfly Sunglasses has 10 dazzling LEDs! The Jade Sunglasses have Jade LEDS, the Gold Sunglasses have Gold LEDS and for a double whammy of fun the Purple Sunglasses have Jade LEDS. To activate or change one of the 3 flashing functions simple push in the black button on the battery pack.

Size: One size fits most.

LED Colors: Jade, Gold

Sunglasses Colors: Purple, Jade, Gold

Batteries: Includes 3 AG13 Batteries.

Weight: 0.18 LB

SKU: 1956