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Day of the Dead Blinky Necklaces

Day of the Dead Blinky Necklaces

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Add light up fun to holiday traditions - wear a Day of the Dead Blinky Necklace! These Sugar Skull Body Lights Necklaces are perfect for all night time events & Halloween celebrations.  LED Day of the Dead Necklaces have a barely-there black lanyard - lightweight & matches everything. Get spooky wearing your own Day of the Dead Blinky Necklace + pick up some extras; your friends will want one too!

- To activate, twist backing clockwise. To deactivate twist counterclockwise.
- Piece is worn as a necklace.
- Happy Haunting!

Height: 1.25 in.
Width: 1.18 in.
Necklace: 14.31 in.

LED Colors: 1 Red, 1 Jade, 1 Blue

Batteries: Includes 2 CR927 Batteries.


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