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Deluxe Adjustable LED Finger Lights

Deluxe Adjustable LED Finger Lights

  • $1.34

Deluxe Adjustable Finger Lights are bright, surprisingly comfortable and will add a vibrant touch to every day life. Perfect for dance parties, sleepovers, camping, really ANY situation where you have to see in the dark and just can't hold a flashlight. Ideal to have with you the next time you have a flat tire at night or are working with tools down in the basement. Deluxe Adjustable Finger Lights are fun functional little life savers!

Instructions: Adjust the velcro straps on the LED Finger Lights for comfort, slip on, then slide the switch to ON. Once activated, the LEDs will stay lit; they do not flash or blink. Each LED light matches the actual plastic housing unit. One order of Deluxe Adjustable Finger Lights comes with 4 individual lights per package.

Note: One size fits most, the velcro is adjustable.

Height: .56 in. , 1.42 cm.
Width: 1.56 in. , 3.96 cm.
Velcro Length: 2.75 in. , 6.98 cm.

LED Colors: Red, White, Blue, Jade

Batteries: Batteries for LED Finger Lights are NOT replaceable.

Weight: 0.02 LB

SKU: 1958