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Disco Light Set - 8” Mirror Ball, White LED Spotlight & Motor

  • $40.78

Our plug-in Disco Light Set - 8” Mirror Ball, White LED Spotlight & Motor is perfect for any party or drawing attention to any activity. Entertain all night long with disco inspired vibes. This party set contains an 8" mirror ball and battery operated motor from which to hang the ball, and a plug-in LED spotlight with a 43" long cord.

    1) Find the perfect spot to hang your Disco Ball and hang the motor wherever you wish. The motor requires one D size battery (not included). Install the battery and hang the ball at base of the motor.

    2) Plug the LED Spotlight into the wall. Position the spotlight at an angle until you see all the bright spots you desire.  Note: Play around with light's position for the best results. The LED Spotlight can be set on table, mounted or hung up, plus has side knobs you can tighten to keep kickstand in place.

    The Disco Ball's Spotlight is bright white and has a UL certified plug for wall outlet.

    SKU: FBL-12172