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Double Bubble Gun - 2 Spouts

Double Bubble Gun - 2 Spouts

  • $5.95

If one barrel is good, two are better! At least that is the thought behind this alternative to the regular single opening bubble gun. Like our regular bubble gun this double bubble gun uses a fan to blow a stream of fun bubbles from the mouth of the gun and a powerful LED to illuminate the bubbles as they make their exit.

When operating this gun please make sure to hold it straight out rather than at an angle. Holding it down will result in a spill of bubble solution which is not toxic but it can be messy.

This bubble gun is slightly larger than our standard single mouth bubble gun. The most noticeable difference, of course, is that the new gun produces twice as many bubbles as the standard version.

Ages 12 and up. 3 x AA batteries included/ Retail card with one bubble solution included.

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