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Feather and Ribbon Halo

Feather and Ribbon Halo

  • $3.49

Feel like a winter princess or a spring fairy when you wear a Feather and Ribbon Halo! These precious pink halos have plastic and fabric ribbons flowing from the back. To activate simply press the button on the battery pack. There are 3 light functions. Choose from 2 flashing light sequences or a still light. These Feather and Ribbon Halos will be a hit all year long as party favors and gifts.

Diameter: 7 in. , 17.78 cm.
Halo Size: One size fits most

Led Colors: 2 Yellow, 2 Red, 2 Purple

Batteries: Includes 2 AG13 Batteries.

Weight: 0.18 LB

SKU: 2364