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Fiber Optic Christmas Tree Centerpieces

Fiber Optic Christmas Tree Centerpieces

  • $3.99

Light up your holiday spread with Fiber Optic Christmas Tree Centerpieces! These modern centerpieces are great for work, home or as gifts. Each pack of 12 centerpieces comes with an assortment of 12 bases and 12 assorted Christmas Trees.

Instructions: Choose from 7 different still color settings as well as the 8th and most popular slow color-changing function that slowly cycles through all 7 colors. Push the button at the bottom of the base to activate.

NOTE: Some simple assembly is required. To assemble simply insert the Fiber Optic into the center of the base.

Height: about 12 in. , 30.48 cm.
Width: Approx. 4 in. , 10.16 cm.
Base Height: 1.5 in. , 3.81 cm.
Base Width: 4.0 in. , 10.16 cm.

Tree Colors: Blue, White, Pink, Green

Base Colors: Green, Pink, Blue

Batteries: Includes 3 AA Batteries. Batteries for this item are replaceable.

Weight: 1.53 LB

SKU: 2427