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Fiber Optic White LED Centerpieces

Fiber Optic White LED Centerpieces

  • $3.90

Deluxe Slow Color-Changing Table Centerpieces for Parties are our collection's finest table

Fiber Optic White LED Centerpieces add pizzazz to special events! Affordable Light Up Fiber Optics accentuate a dining area, snack table, gift table, you name it. Get creative and add a ring of flowers or decorative material around its silver base!

To activate, press the button on underside of base. Set light intensity to your individual taste: first few settings give a subtle light. For bright light, press button until all 3 LEDs are powered on steady. 

NOTE: Simple assembly required. Plug the fibers into the base and give them time to "breathe" & spread out.

Height (Includes Base): Approx. 13.0 in.
Width (Includes Base): Approx. 18.0 in.
Stand Height: Approx. 3.6 in.
Stand Width: 3.25 in.

LED Colors: 3 White

Fiber Optic White LED Centerpieces come ready to use with 3 replaceable AA batteries.

SKU: FBL-11160