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Flashing Dog Collars

Flashing Dog Collars

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LED Flashing Dog Collars are brilliant pet accessories every dog owner must have. Stylish & lightweight for any size canine, Lighted Collars ensure your pet stays safe & visible on night time walks. Use LED Dog Collars as unique gifts for the animal lovers in your life. Made with care & safety first, LED Flashing Dog Collars will get your pups home happy & healthy.

Lighted Collars Feature:
- Visibility up to 300 feet away!
- Reflective stripe for increased visibility
- Waterproof switch box
- Adjustable
- 2 extra replacement batteries

XS Length 8.66 in. to 11.81 in.
XS Width 0.75 in.
S Length 11.81 in. to 17.71 in.
S Width 0.81 in.
M Length 13.77 in. to 19.68 in.
M Width 1.0 in.
L Length 15.74 in. to 23.62 in.
L Width 1.13 in.

XS LED Colors: 2 Blue, 3 Red
S, M, L LED Colors: 3 Blue, 3 Red
Large LED Colors: 2 Yellow, 2 Red, 2 Blue

Collar Colors: Black, Blue, Red

XS Light Dog Collars include 2 AG10 Batteries.
S Light Dog Collars include 2 CR1220 Batteries.
M Light Dog Collars include 2 CR2032 Batteries.
L Light Dog Collars include 2 CR2032 Batteries.

Weight: 0.20 LB

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