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Golf Lites Drink Accessories

Golf Lites Drink Accessories

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Compliment your drink with Golf Lites Brand Drink Accessories. These ice cube like balls are great for decorating your party, drinks, or yard at night. Choose from one of 7 different colors, or watch Golf Lites color-changing option scan through all of them at once. They have a button at their base that allows you to click through each function. Golf Lites are sure to impress whoever comes in contact with them.

NOTE: Litecubes are waterproof, will last 15 - 20 hours if left on continuously. Litecubes can be frozen but will not keep your drink as cold as regular ice cubes. LITECUBES PLASTIC IS F.D.A. APPROVED

Height: 1.75 in. , 4.45 cm.
Width: 1.75 in. , 4.45 cm.

LED Colors: 1 Blue, 1 Jade, 1 Red

Batteries: Batteries for this product are not replaceable.

Weight: 0.07 LB

SKU: 1964