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House Blinky

House Blinky

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Be a real "home-body" with House Flashing Blinkies! This piece is great for open houses, house-warming parties, and they can even be customized to suit the needs of your Mortgage or Real Estate firm. If you're looking for a eye-catching product that will get you noticed, look no further!

- To activate, twist backing clockwise. To deactivate twist counterclockwise.
- Piece attaches magnetically.
- To attach, remove magnet on back of the piece. Hold magnet behind shirt (or desired location) and attach piece on opposite side.
- Enjoy!

Height: 1.62 in. , 4.11 cm.
Width: 1.5 in. , 3.81 cm.

LED Colors: 1 Blue, 1 Jade, 2 Yellow

Batteries: Includes 2 CR927 Batteries. Batteries for this item are replaceable.

Weight: 0.02 LB

SKU: 2476