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Inspiration Ice Cube Lights

Inspiration Ice Cube Lights

  • $2.99

Turn a dull beverage into a fabulous drink with Inspiration Ice Cube Red Lights! These light up ice cubes will create a stir once you pop them into your favorite drink. They are perfect for night time events, banquets, weddings or just for partying! Be the most fabulous host, use Inspiration Ice Cube Red Lights!

To activate your Inspiration Ice Cubes, press the button on the bottom of the cube. Set your cube on 3 light settings.

NOTE: Inspiration Ice Cube Lights - are not freezable. Inspiration Cubes will last 16 hours if left on continuously

Length: 1.62 in.
Width: 1.25 in.
Depth: 1.0 in.

LED colors: Red

Light Up Ice Cubes come ready to use with non-replaceable batteries - these babies are permanently sealed TIGHT for waterproof safety.

Weight: 0.10 LB

SKU: 3585