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LED Fidget Spinner - Assorted

LED Fidget Spinner - Assorted

  • $7.60

Our LED Fidget Spinner - Assorted is great new item that can reduce stress and help you keep focused with a flick of a finger. This LED light up fidget spinner can also produce an amazing light display. Using embedded metal ball bearings, the hand spinner can spin for over 200 rotations on a single spin. Each arm of the fidget spinner has red, blue, and green LEDs inside. To activate, push a button. Click to select one of 3 different light modes: fast strobing, color morphing, and quick blink, by pressing the switch multiple times. The finger spinners are sold in an assortment of colors: green, blue, yellow, orange, black, white, red, and pink. Batteries are included but non-replaceable.

It is suitable for adults & children alike.

Note: This product may be personalized with a name or a business logo. Ask us about personalization for this item!