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LED Fidget Spinner - Yellow

LED Fidget Spinner - Yellow

  • $5.20

Our LED Fidget Spinner - Yellow is a great way to join the fidget spinner rage with a light up spinner. Join the crowds who have been helped to focus, reduce their anxiety, or calm their spirits. Good for killing time, or relieve stress. Use discreetly and quietly at the workplace, or any time you need to chill out. This 3" wide fidget spinner is easy to carry and simple to use. Simply hold in one hand and use the other hand or your finger on the same hand to spin it. This spinner features long lasting red and blue LEDs that activate with motion or force by quickly spinning it or tapping it on a hard surface. Premium bearings lets it spin for an average of 60-90 seconds. Non-replaceable batteries are built right in!

It is suitable for adults & children alike.

Note: This product may be personalized with a name or a business logo. Ask us about personalization for this item!