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LED Mini Fans

LED Mini Fans

  • $2.99

Cool down, and spin out of control with LED Mini Fans! With the push of a button, you'll set these LED fans into motion scanning through up to 32 different color patterns. Each box of twenty-four LED fans comes with 3 different LED fan colors: black, blue, and red. Each LED mini fan includes it's own black lanyard. Pick your favorite LED mini Fan and prepare to be blown away!

Image does not reflect exact movement of LED Fan. It is a quick representation of spinning designs.

Height: 4.25 in. , 10.79 cm.
Width: 1.27 in. , 3.22 cm.

LED Colors: 1 Blue, 1 Jade, 1 Orange, 2 Red

Batteries: Includes 3 Replaceable AAA Batteries.

NOTE: Batteries included with LED fans have 2 hour constant battery life. Higher quality batteries will increase battery life.

Weight: 0.20 LB

SKU: 2438