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LED Programable Fan

LED Programable Fan

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Here 's a cool way to make a statement! Great for birthdays, school events and holiday parties! LED programmable fan allows you to program a personal message and watch it light up! Each fan holds 4 different custom messages of up to 16 characters each. Each box of 12 fans four different fan colors: Red, Black, Blue, and Green. The assortment colors will vary. Dimensions: Height: 4.4 in. , 11.18 cm. Width: 1.75 in. , 4.45 cm. Depth: 1.75 in. , 4.45 cm. Lanyard: Approx: 22.0 in. , 55.88 cm. LED Colors: Red Batteries: Includes 3 AA Batteries. .-.-.-..-.-.-..-.-.-..-.-.-..-.-.-..-.-.-. Instructions: - There are three red buttons located on one side of each fan shown above , and a single On/Off button on the opposite side. - To activate the fan, push the single button. - Once the fan is on, you can then program a custom message. - To program a message, push and hold the middle of the three red buttons labeled PROGRAM until you see the cursor appear on the fan blade. - Press the top red button to scroll through the alphabet. - Once you 've decided on a letter, press program to go to the next character space.- The bottom red button allows you to choose symbols such as !, @, #, , etc. as well as numeric characters 0 - 9. - When you are finished with your message, push and hold PROGRAM for 2 seconds to finalize. - To program another message, simply push the PROGRAM button do not hold and the fan will appear blank. - Repeat above steps to program up to 4 custom messages!

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