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LED Rechargeable Tea Light Candles - Set of 6

LED Rechargeable Tea Light Candles - Set of 6

  • $2.79

With an LED Rechargeable Candle Light Set, chill out & relax nightly without changing batteries! Recharging Candles are easy instant mood lighting for home decor, and they're a must in dimly lit bars & restaurants. LED Rechargeable Candle Light Set is bright & long lasting! Each set comes with 6 frosted tea light cups, or put recharging candles in the fancy holder of your choice

To activate your LED Recharging Candles, connect each to the charging tray, attach the A/C adapter & plug it into an outlet overnight (at least 6 hours recommended for full charge). Each LED Rechargeable Candle has an on/off switch on the bottom; keep them OFF while charging, for the brightest light possible.

Height: 1.87 in.
Diameter: 1.50 in.

LED Colors: Amber

Packaging: Retail ready, Each set in a plain white box- 16 per case.

Weight: 1.51 LB

SKU: 3647