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LED Trick-Or-Treat Halloween Bucket

LED Trick-Or-Treat Halloween Bucket

  • $4.49

The whole neighborhood may be jealous of your Light Up Halloween Candy Bucket this spooky season, for it's pretty new on the Halloween scene! This cute pumpkin face bucket has a rainbow LED handle that flashes an array of light patterns, sure to trick your treat-giving neighbors into handing over the largest handful possible! Light Up Halloween Candy Bucket looks great on tables at Halloween parties too, piled high with candy. What a trophy it could be for the winner of your costume contest!

To activate the light up handle on your Candy Bucket, push the button on the side of the handle. Hit again to check each flash function, then leave on the blink of your choice.

Height: 6.75 in.
Diameter: 9.0 in.

LED Colors: 1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Green

Halloween Candy Buckets come ready to use with 3 replaceable Ag13 Batteries.

Packaging: 12 pieces per box.

Weight: 1.58 LB

SKU: 3605