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LED Wand - Carousel Spinning Wand

LED Wand - Carousel Spinning Wand

  • $4.75

Round and round this carousel of lights travels with the flip of a switch! Simply turn on this Carousel Spinning Wand and create magical patterns of light in the air. This large handheld LED wand measures 11.5ö in length and is 4ö wide at the largest point. This makes it comfortable for all ages but large enough to really make a statement.

Unlike most traditional spinning wands, the Carousel Spinning Wand does not utilize fragile acrylic plastic for a globe or easily breakable LED extensions to create the light patterns. This wand delivers the light though flexible soft tubing.

Each lighted wand features 3 x AAA batteries which are included. You may change the batteries. Expected run time is .5 hours (30 min). Ages 6 and up

SKU: 1978