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Light Up Highball Glass

Light Up Highball Glass

  • $3.95

Chill out & relax with a Light Up Highball Glass! These sleek, stylish LED Glasses look amazing at receptions, at the club, at home, you name it! Its many color combinations are calming & mellow compared to our other fun flashing products - choose from 1 of 8 mood lights. The slim shape of the Cylinder Glass makes it a perfect juice cup for growing kids as well - easy to hold. Whether serving the perfect Mojito or a tall glass of OJ, a Light Up Highball Glass will treat your guests to a classy good time.

To activate your Multicolor LED Highball Glasses, press the button on the base of the cup. With each push of the button, change LEDs to 1 of 7 individual colors (steady light/no flash), then lastly a slow color change function.

NOTE: Never put lighted glass in the dishwasher. Gently hand wash ONLY & keep moisture away from the base to avoid contact with batteries. "Glasses" are made of high quality acrylic that is FDA approved.

Length 7.5 in.
Width 2.5 in.
Volume 14 oz. filled to brim

LED Colors: 1 Blue, 1 Jade, 1 Red

Light Up Highball Glass includes 2 replaceable CR2032 Batteries.

Weight: 0.40 LB

SKU: 1937