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Light Up LED Gloves

Light Up LED Gloves

  • $9.99

Hands down, the coolest way to light up the night is with Light Up LED Gloves! Made of soft white fabric, these Gloves with Light have a color changing LED in each fingertip. Perfect for Halloween, high school cheer/dance routines, or even late night jogs when visibility is key. Light Up LED Gloves are a truly unique & fun way to get noticed.

To activate your Light Up Gloves, push the small button on the battery pack located in the wrist. There is a velcro pouch for easier access. Choose from a variety of colors & speeds.

NOTE: This item is sold in pairs. Buying 1 piece means you are buying 1 pair. Example - order 12 pieces to receive 24 individual gloves.

One size fits most.

LED Colors: Each fingertip contains 1 Red, 1 Jade & 1 Blue.

Light Up LED Gloves includes 2 replaceable CR 2032 Batteries.

Weight: 0.21 LB

SKU: 2435