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Light Up Pig Tails

Light Up Pig Tails

  • $4.25

Comfort finally comes to cool LED head boppers! Our pig tail flashing head boppers or "piggy lights" feature a comfortable band with a Velcro attachment. While this is a comfortable fit for most head sizes we DO NOT recommend this product for anyone wearing a size 7 hat or greater. That's generally most men, however this product should fit securely on the heads of most females and teenagers.

The headband fabric extends but without being stretched measures 15 inches in length (not diameter). Each strand of pig tail material is cut at different lengths to produce a layered look however the longest strands measure in excess of 28 inches.

Multicolored lights in all piggy lights are quite bright and are sure to be noticed! Each unit uses 2 powerful CR2016 lithium batteries and will run in excess of 24 hours.

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