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Light Up Sound Effects Gun

Light Up Sound Effects Gun

  • $4.99

Looking for light-up fun? Look no further. Light Up Sound Effects Gun are an incredibly good time day or night. When the trigger is pulled, the gun will sound and the Magic Spinning Ball located in the gun's barrel will light up while spinning rapidly. The top of the Flashing gun will also light up a bright blue when you pull the trigger. These Flashing Guns are perfect for kids 7 years and older and are sure to bring out the kid in everyone.

Height: 6.75 in. , 17.14 cm.
Width: 10.25 in. , 26.03 cm.
Depth: 2.0 in. , 5.08 cm.

LED Colors: Blue, Jade, Red, White, Orange

Batteries: Includes 3 AA Batteries. Batteries for this product are replaceable.

Weight: 0.68 LB

SKU: 2157