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Little Lights Submersible

Little Lights Submersible

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Dazzle & delight guests when you use Amber Submersible LED Little Lights at your next special event! These waterproof LEDs shine a soft, steady light so perfect for floral arrangements. Hide Little Lights at the base of a glass flower vase for illuminated water, pile clear gems & jewels on top for a lovely mood lighting effect, or add to table centerpieces for little splashes of color. Amber Submersible LED Little Lights will help make your next party reception a night to remember.

To activate your Little Light LEDs, twist the top clockwise. Screw on tightly to ensure safety. To shut off, twist the top counterclockwise. Little Lights do not flash or blink.

Height: 1.00 in., 2.54 cm.
Length: 1.25 in., 3.17 cm.

LED Color: Amber

Submersible LED Little Lights for Special Events include 2 replaceable CR2032 Batteries.

Weight: 0.04 LB

Note: This video features the Red and Blue Little Lights.

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