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Multicolor Novelty Sunglasses

Multicolor Novelty Sunglasses

  • $4.49

Multicolor Novelty Sunglasses are one of the hottest light up items around. They are especially hot during summer around the Fourth of July! Each pair has 12 LED lights. They are very comfortable and one size fits most. There are 12 pairs of sunglasses in each box. To turn them on, simply push the button once to activate a quick side to side flash function, and push the button twice to commence flash function using all the LEDS. Push the button a third time to have all the LEDs on a still non flashing light, turn off by pushing the button once more. The wires on the inside of the eye are covered, not exposed. This product is as hot as they come so hurry up and order yours today!

Size: One size fits most.

LED Colors: 4 Jade, 4 Purple and 4 Blue

Batteries: Includes 2 CR2032 Batteries.

Weight: 0.19 LB

SKU: 2439