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Philadelphia Phillies Blinky

Philadelphia Phillies Blinky

  • $4.99

Philadelphia Phillies Flashing Buttons are Officially Licensed MLB Products. Each pin comes complete with an optional 36 lobster claw Lanyard Necklace, an On/Off button, 2 CR927 Batteries to power the piece, and 2 extra batteries for future replacement. Whether you're inside the stadium, tailgating, or in the comfort of your own home, this piece is perfect for you!

Product Dimensions:
Height: 1.25 in. , 3.17 cm.
Width: 1.37 in. , 3.48 cm.

Note: To turn this piece on and off, tighten the back of the piece where the batteries and magnet are located. Then press the button to turn the piece on. To turn the lights off, press the button again and loosen the battery housing.

Packaging Dimensions:
Height: 4.0 in. , 10.16 cm.
Width: 3.1 in. , 7.87 cm.
Depth: 0.45 in. , 1.14 cm.

LED Colors: 2 Blue, 2 Red

Batteries: Includes 2 Replaceable CR927 Batteries.

NOTE: Returns for this item will not be accepted unless the product is in its original packaging. All originally included componets must also be included within the packaging upon return.

Weight: 0.05 LB

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