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Race Car Fingertip Lights

Race Car Fingertip Lights

  • $1.99

Vroom Vroom, Race Car Fingertip Lights are awesome even past the finish line! Wear them to your favorite outing, while camping or pass them out to guests as party favors. Race Car Fingertip Lights are unique & totally rad.

To activate your LED Finger Lights, slide the switch on top of the battery house. Race Car Fingertip Lights do not flash or blink; they are a steady beautiful light. Each LED matches its plastic housing unit.

NOTE: 1 pack contains 4 Finger Lights. Price shown is PER FINGER LIGHT. For example, if you order a quantity of 4, you will receive 1 pack full of 4 Finger Lights; not 4 packs. Order 8 pieces & you'll get 2 total packs, and so on. One size fits most.

Length: 1.75 in.
Width: .75 in.

LED Colors: Red, Orange, Blue, Green

Race Car Fingertip Lights come ready to use with non-replaceable batteries.

Packaging: Retail ready, individually wrapped with colorful cardboard insert - 4 pieces per package - 1920 per case.

Weight: 0.03 LB

SKU: 3237