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Rainbow Chaser

Rainbow Chaser

  • $2.99

The most advanced chaser necklace of its kind is here. We've taken the best from the various chaser necklaces we've purchased over the years and combined the coolest functions, most flexible tubing, and most reliable connections into one unbeatable necklace.

While other online sites may feature one or two of the following, none can combine all of these important features:

- Multifunction mode (back and forth, all on flash, rapid rotation, random, off)
- Plastic connection (no need for a magnet! These do not have to form a circle to activate)
- Easy push button on/off, function scroll
- Flexible tubing (none of that rigid plastic, ours ship much more compactly)
- Replaceable batteries
- Protective inhibitor (to keep batteries fresh).

Purchase your rainbow flashing Chaser necklaces today and see the difference for yourself.

Product measures 28.5 inches in length. Uses 3 AG13 batteries -- included and replaceable. Run time 12+ hours.

Not suitable for children under 5.

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