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Rechargeable Speaker With USB Cable For MP3 Player

Rechargeable Speaker With USB Cable For MP3 Player

  • $42.50

Get up and get down, use a Rechargeable Speaker with USB Cable for MP3 Player! Plug in your Ipod, Mp3, cell phone, SD cards, USB or hook it up to your computer to let the tunes play and the lights shine. Light speakers are awesome gifts, everyone will want one!

To use simply plug in your music device, hit play on the speaker and let the music play. Each light up speaker has a constant blue light on the volume button. The LEDs in the front of the speaker flash, blink and burst to the beat of the song. So each song you play will have its own light show!

Each Rechargeable Speaker has comes with directions.

Depth: 3.5 in.
Width: 4.0 in.
Height: 3.68 in.

Batteries: Includes a recharable battery.

Packaging: Retail ready, individually boxed- 30 pieces per carton.

Weight: 1.23 LB

SKU: 2786