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Solid Color Neon Necklace

Solid Color Neon Necklace

  • $1.99

While other online sites may feature one or two of the following, none can combine all of these important features:

- Multifunction mode (back and forth, all on flash, rapid rotation, random, off)
- Plastic connection (no need for a magnet! These do not have to form a circle to activate)
- Easy push button on/off, function scroll
- Flexible tubing (none of that rigid plastic, ours ship much more compactly)
- Replaceable batteries
- Protective inhibitor (to keep batteries fresh).

Purchase your solid color NEON flashing Chaser necklaces today and see the difference for yourself.

Product measures 28.5 inches in length. Uses 3 AG13 batteries. Not suitable for children under 5. Run time 12+ hours.

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