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Strip Lights - Waterproof Warm White

Strip Lights - Waterproof Warm White

  • $25.49

Strip LED lights are becoming a great source for lighting. We are now offering a battery-operated strip light with 30 warm white LEDs that will offer great emergency lighting for a few hours or accent lighting for a few days. The strips are "peel-and-stick" which makes them easy to mount in a number of locations. Each pack comes with one 12V 23A battery included. Replacement batteries are available at many locations. The Duracell Security 21 23 is an example. We offer waterproof strips (SLW) and non-waterproof strips (SLN). Each strip has 30 warm white LEDs and is 1m long (approximately 40 inches). (NOTE: The battery-pack is not waterproof on the SLW. Wrap the battery pack in something waterproof like a baggie before exposing the strip to the elements.)

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