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Stuffed Stocking Christmas Pins

Stuffed Stocking Christmas Pins

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Pack your holiday with Stuffed Stocking Christmas Pins! These make great stocking stuffers, Christmas party favors and much more! Make sure to check out these, along with the rest of our Flashing Christmas Pins and Christmas Party Favors.

- To activate, twist backing clockwise. To deactivate twist counterclockwise.
- Piece attaches magnetically.
- To attach, remove magnet on back of the piece. Hold magnet behind shirt (or desired location) and attach piece on opposite side.
- Enjoy!

Height: 1.4 in. , 3.55 cm.
Width: 1.1 in. , 2.79 cm.

Christmas Pins LED Colors: 1 Jade, 2 Red, 1 White

Batteries: Includes 2 CR927 Batteries. Batteries for this item are replaceable.

Weight: 0.02 LB

SKU: 2926