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"Totally '80s" Red & Blue EL Wire Light Shades

  • $16.78

Our "Totally '80s" Red & Blue EL Wire Light Shades are a fabulous accessory for concerts, festivals & the club! Bright and fun, each pair of red and blue EL wire glow shades have an EL wire attached to frame and the arms of the sunglasses that light up upon activation.The back of the glasses are black plastic. To activate, simply press the button on the battery pack. The battery pack has a clip on the back to help stay put in your pocket. 3 light functions: Flash, blink and still light.  Light Colors: Red and Blue

The "Totally '80s" Red & Blue EL Wire Light Shades comes with 2 replaceable AA batteries included and installed.

SKU: FBL-12109-RB