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Tri-Fidget Hand Spinner - Red

Tri-Fidget Hand Spinner - Red

  • $4.99

Fidget Hand Spinners are the latest new toy craze starting to peak all children and young adults' interests. "Fidgets" or "Spinners" as their names are shortened by, are tri-pronged, little gadgets that one can endlessly spin, balance and rotate in one's hand. Made of plastic with durable metal bearings in their interior, these bright, little gadgets are compact, easy to maintain and can surprisingly capture your young one's attention for hours.

BongoFlashers now offers these spinners in 5 color options; red, neon blue, light green, white, and yellow, so trading and collecting can go hand in hand with them. Pick one up for the first time and you'll see why these toys are being used for soothing children with hyperactivity as well as de-stressing and relieving anxiety for students and office workers after a long day. Discover all the fun that Fidget Hand Spinners can bring to your children.

Fidgets are also available white with LEDs or black light up versions.

Products features:

  • Ceramic center bearing
  • Laser-molded resin construction
  • Product dimensions: 0.4”x3.5”x3.5”
Note: This product may be personalized with a name or a business logo. Ask us about personalization for this item!