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Turbo Flower Magnet Flashers

Turbo Flower Magnet Flashers

  • $1.39

Turbo Flower Magnetic Flashers are one of the brightest lights on the site next to the Turbo Star Body Lights. They're one of the longest lasting and hottest selling items on the site.

- To activate, twist backing clockwise. To deactivate twist counterclockwise.
- Piece attaches magnetically.
- To attach, remove magnet on back of the piece. Hold magnet behind shirt (or desired location) and attach piece on opposite side.
- Enjoy!

Height: 0.8 in. , 2 cm.
Width: 0.8 in. , 2 cm.

LED Colors: 1 Blue, 5 Red

Batteries: Includes 2 Replaceable CR927 Batteries.

Weight: 0.01 LB

SKU: 2465